Yearly Archives: 2019

Teaching the U.S. Constitution

With Constitution Day approaching, how do you plan on teaching your students about this historical document? The Constitution of the United States is the Supreme Law of the Land. Depending on the grade level you are teaching, your students’ background knowledge on this topic might be very limited. So how do you present this information […]

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Hollywood Themed Classroom

I am currently the literacy coach at my school.  This was the theme of my classroom when I taught third grade.  Although I do not currently have my own room, I wanted to share with you how I used a theme to enhance the environment for student learning. I chose a Hollywood theme since I […]

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Learn how to plan a family literacy event using books written by Mo Willems

Mo Willems Family Literacy Night

Are you reading aloud books written by Mo Willems to your students? With such adorable storybook characters, you don’t want to miss out on including this amazing author in your classroom! As the literacy coach at my school, my head began to spin as I was thinking of a ways to share Mo Willems with […]

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Summer Teacher Dilemma

It is summer and the biggest teacher dilemma has occurred. You walk into any Target, Walmart, and/or Office Depot and you get smacked with back to school supplies.  Do you scream, run away, cry, or jump for joy? If you are a teacher, you probably do all of the above. You scream (probably inside your […]

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