Hollywood Themed Classroom

I am currently the literacy coach at my school.  This was the theme of my classroom when I taught third grade.  Although I do not currently have my own room, I wanted to share with you how I used a theme to enhance the environment for student learning.

I chose a Hollywood theme since I teach in HOLLYWOOD, Florida.  Let’s take a tour of a classroom where STARS were born!

My favorite part of the classroom was the reading corner.  I LOVED motivating my students to read.  I have an obsession with children’s books.  A great way to build your library is to participate in Scholastic Book Clubs.  When your students order books, you earn points to receive free books.  

These popcorn containers and book bins were purchased from the Dollar Tree,
one of my favorite places to go for great dollar deals.

The bulletin board for classroom jobs/helpers was called Stage Crew.  Each job had a Hollywood themed name.  It was very easy to use because the students’ movie clappers just rotated each week and every child was assigned a job.

The word wall was placed on a dry erase board.  I found this to be very convenient because words could easily be added as needed.  HOLLYWORD was definitely used by students to help them spell words correctly. It also happened to be a favorite of many of our classroom visitors.

The Bucket Fillers bulletin board was used to spotlight children who were displaying kindness to others. A great book to read to your students is Have You Filled a Bucket Today? by Carol McCloud.  

Homeworkopoly was a wonderful way to motivate students to complete their homework throughout the week.  Students loved earning rewards for completing their homework and it definitely motivated them to complete it. Click HERE to learn more about it.

Students absolutely loved the class store.  They earned Kraus Cash for positive behavior and decided what they wanted to purchase.  Financial planning and responsibility were just two of the many benefits from having a class store (Thank you Beth Newingham for this wonderful idea!).

The Accelerated Reader board highlighted students as they POPPED and earned points.  How exciting to see their popcorn piece POP and move to different popcorn boxes worth more points.

I used a variety of Hollywood themed decor to make the room an inviting place for children to learn. I purchased the clip art from Scrappin Doodles and chose colors and borders to match the theme. The subject headings were used to write objectives that correlated with the standard. The posters were used to decorate the room.

Hollywood themed subject heading signs
Hollywood themed poster that reads in this classroom stars are born.
Hollywood themed poster that reads Now Showing: Our Best Work
Hollywood themed classroom rules poster

Are you interested in a Hollywood themed classroom? If so, check out this resource that can be found at my store! It is a bundle that includes classroom decor, reading posters, binder covers, and scientific method posters. These resources can also be purchased separately.

Hollywood Bundle resource