Summer Teacher Dilemma

It is summer and the biggest teacher dilemma has occurred. You walk into any Target, Walmart, and/or Office Depot and you get smacked with back to school supplies.  Do you scream, run away, cry, or jump for joy? If you are a teacher, you probably do all of the above.

You scream (probably inside your head). School supplies means summer is over. Even though it’s not even August, summer is officially over. You know it. The store knows it. Your heart starts beating faster and you are in flight mode. You start thinking about leaving the store, running away, and pretending you didn’t see all of those school supplies.

Suddenly your eyes fill up with tears. How could this be? You just packed up your room and said goodbye to your students. You promised yourself you wouldn’t think about your classroom. You were going to rest and relax. This was YOUR summer vacation.  You earned it and deserved it.

Crayola crayons

Then something strange happens. You start walking over to the school supplies. Directly in front of you are crayons for fifty cents. You know what a good deal that is and how having crayons is a necessity.  You place some boxes in your cart. You then turn the aisle and see folders. Not just any folders but plastic folders. These are the perfect folders that lasted the entire year. They are on sale too. You stare at them for what seems like hours deciding which colors you need. Now folders of all different colors fill your cart.

You text your teacher friends telling them about the amazing deals that are available at the store. You ask if you should buy anything for them. You are in school supply heaven. It is your secret obsession that you have never talked about. You forget about your summer break. You are planning for next school year. You are excited. You are happy. You are a teacher every day of the year.

Share this post with all of your teacher friends who can relate. I’m sure there are many like us.

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